Vigil Antislip

Ordering Recommendations

1. Dimensions:

Vigil Antislip Ladder Rung Covers are measured in two dimensions; diameter of the existing ladder rung (A) and the width of the ladder rung cover required (B).

Diameter of the Existing Rung: Because ladder rungs are manufactured in various diameters, Vigil Antislip Ladder Rung Covers increase in size from 20mm to 35mm in standard 5mm increments. It is important to measure the diameter correctly to ensure a Ladder Rung Cover of tight fit is supplied.


Width Required: Most ladders are 350mm - 400mm wide, however they may go up to 500mm. Standard Ladder Rung Cover widths are from 200mm to 450mm in 50mm increments, 300mm Ladder Rung Covers are the most common size, however, if foot protection only is required, 200mm Ladder Rung Covers can be installed in the centre of the rungs so that personnel's hands can still grip the bare rung on either side of the Ladder Rung Cover.

Standard Dimensions:
20mm (0.8"), 25mm (1.0"), 30mm (1.2"), 35mm (1.4")
200mm (7.9"), 300mm (11.8"), 450mm (17.7")
2. Grade: Ladder Rung Covers are only manufactured in Light industrial grade. This grade offers excellent antislip properties without being too severe to damage personnel's hands.
3. Colour:

Safety Yellow is always recommended for Ladder Rung Covers to improve visibility. Other colors are available if requested.

4. Foundation:

1.2mm Colorbond steel is normally used as the foundation for Vigil Antislip Ladder Rung Covers. This patented product offers excellent resistance to corrosion under most circumstances. If Ladder Rung Covers are to be used in splash zones, we recommend 1.2mm marine grade stainless steel be used as a foundation. Electrolysis must be considered though if it is being installed on galvanised steel.

5. Installation:

The safest and most convenient way to install Ladder Rung Covers is with Sikaflex 291 sealant adhesive. This adhesive comes in a cartridge which is operated by a heavy duty silicone gun. Simply apply a 10mm diameter bead of adhesive along the inside corners each Ladder Rung Cover prior to installing them on properly cleaned rungs. Let the adhesive cure for approximately 8 hours before use.

6. Cleaning: Because of the extreme hardness and chemical resistance of Vigil Antislip, cleaning can be effected with high pressure steam or water, degreasers, detergents or solvents. Stubborn soilage can be removed with a stiff deck broom. If solvents have been used, hose off with water at your earliest convenience. Do not use scrapers or wire brushes.
7. General:

Never install Ladder Rung Covers on only a portion of a ladder, as change of conditions is more dangerous than overall poor conditions.

Ensure Ladder Rung Covers are installed correctly as it could be very hazardous if any came off accidentally.

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