Vigil Antislip

Ordering Recommendations

1. Dimensions:

Vigil Antislip Deckmark is measured in two dimensions; length ways (A) and width (B). Deck Mark can be applied onto any Vigil Antislip product.

Length of Deckmark: There are two standard lengths; 600mm and 200mm. When laid, each sheet of Deck Mark can be spaced up to 150mm from the next sheet because on a straight walkway it is only necessary for personnel to achieve either heel or toe contact with Vigil Antislip to avoid accidents. By using 200mm sheets, there is less antislip required per square metre, however, there are more fasteners required so installation costs will be greater than if 600mm sheets were being installed.


Width of Deckmark: As with Metal Deck, Deckmark need not cover the entire width of the walkway or ramp. Personnel tend not to walk on the edges of walkways so it is recommended that Deckmark 150mm - 300mm narrower than the overall walkway be ordered, ie. if ordering Deckmark for an 800mm wide walkway, 600mm wide Deckmark will provide ample protection.

Standard Dimensions:
200mm (7.9"), 600mm (23.6")
450mm (17.7"), 600mm (23.6"), 750mm (29.5"), 900mm (35.4"), 1200mm (47.2")
2. Grade:

Three standard grades exist in the range of Vigil Antislip Deckmark; commercial, industrial and offshore. Commercial grade is normally used in areas where heavy spillage or soilage does not occur. Industrial grade is used on most external areas where there may be spillage and/or soilage from lubricants. Offshore grade is used on areas where there is a high buildup of grease or oil. This surface is the most severe and is not affected by very heavy spillage and soilage of chemicals or lubricants.

3. Colour:

In all Industrial or Offshore applications, the Safety Yellow color is recommended. If Commercial grade Stair Nosings are to be utilise internally, other colours which are more aesthetic may be preferred.

4. Foundation:

1.2mm Colorbond steel is normally used as the foundation for Vigil Antislip Deck Mark. This patented product offers excellent resistance to corrosion under most circumstances. If Metal Decks are to be used in splash zones, we recommend 1.2mm marine grade stainless be used as a foundation. Electrolysis must be considered though if it is being installed on galvanised steel.

5. Installation:

Vigil Antislip Deckmark can be installed over virtually any flat surface so many installation methods can be applied. In most cases, adhesive, cup head bolts with nyloc nuts, self tapping screws or concrete anchors will fix Deckmark. Like all other Vigil Antislip products, any drilling should be carried out from the underside of the Deckmark through to the surface.

6. Cleaning: Because of the extreme hardness and chemical resistance of Vigil Antislip Deckmark, cleaning can be effected with high pressure steam or water, degreasers, detergents or solvents. Stubborn soilage can be removed with a stiff deck broom. If solvents have been used, hose off with water at your earliest convenience. Do not use scrapers or wire brushes.
7. General:

Ensure that Deckmark is installed correctly as loose sheets can be dangerous. If using electric or pneumatic tools, ensure that appropriate safety glasses and ear protection are worn.

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