Vigil Antislip

Product Description


Designed to minimise the risks inherent on stairways whilst complementing the existing decor. Vigil Antislip Stair Treads will not wear, break or fade and can be used to re-profile and cover polished or chipped steps. They are ideal for both interior or exterior use, and are available in a range of colours on an anodized brass or aluminium extruded base. They are quickly, easily and permanently installed with Sikaflex 291 adhesive.

Aluminium Stair Treads are available in two profiles only; Traditional or Ramped (below) and come in either aluminium or brass extrusion. They are suitable for both internal and external environments. Available in up to 6 metre lengths cut to size as per requirements. The coloured Vinyl insert is available loose for mechanical installation or already stuck in for installation using adhesive.

Stair Treads             

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