Vigil Antislip

Product Description

Safety Track

Safety Track die cut and strips help prevent slips and falls which could lead to serious injury. There are three types of Safety Track, with Safety Track 3100, Safety Track 3200 and Safety Track 3700. 3200 boasts a tougher grit surface than our 3100 line. 3700 is our conformable range designed to adhere to irregular surfaces such as chequerplate. Various roll widths, colours and die cuts are available.

Roll Widths: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm & 600mm - All rolls are 18.3 metres

Colours: Black, Safety Yellow, Tiger Stripe (Yellow/Black diagonal striping) & Photo-Luminescent - Colours available in limited sizes only

Features Benefits
Quality Raw Materials Long life, durable, and resistant to heavy traffic, water and grease.
Abrasive Grain Provides a consistent coefficient of friction.
Easy Installation Simply position, peel-off backing paper, and apply to a clean, dry, oil free surface.
Conformability Installs over most irregular surfaces.
Low Profile Helps prevent edge curl.

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