Vigil Antislip

Developed to fill the need for truly antislip products which are pleasing to the eye and generally architecturally acceptable where the industrial range of products are not.

The range of commercial products are ideal for all areas open to the general public where the risks of slips and falls exist. As with the industrial markets, steps pose a major hazard followed closely behind by ramps and flat surfaces subject to spillage or weather.

The Vigil Antislip commercial range of products are used extensively to remove the risk of slip related accidents in railway stations, public car parks, restaurants, food halls, hotels and bars, building lobbys, and government buildings.

The commercial range of Vigil Antislip products consist of Stair Treads and Safety Track.

Stair Treads

Stair Treads.

Designed to minimise the risks inherent on stairways whilst complementing the existing decor. ........... »»more

Safety Track

Safety Track.

Safety Track die cut and strips help prevent slips and falls which could lead to serious injury. .......... »»more

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